• Alternative:Sensei, Kowai Hanashimasen ka ; Sensei, Kowai Hanashi Shimasen ka ; Sensei, Kowai Hanashi Shimasenka? ; Teacher! Let’s Have A Scary Story ; 先生、怖い話しませんか
  • Author:Kirima Moccori
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  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Adult , Horror , Smut , Supernatural , Yao
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Teacher! Let's Have A Scary Story

Strange rumors, mysterious legends, and suspicious corpses...

Hizuki Reiji is, by all accounts, a normal high school Japanese teacher, but he's thrust into the middle of a mystery when he moves to another town for a substitute teaching position. The woman he's replacing disappeared two weeks ago, and rumor has it that the problem child of her class, Magaki Kyoichi, was seen with a blood-stained knife the day before she vanished. The cops are on his trail, but what really happened to Sakuraba-sensei? And how are Hizuki and Magaki involved?