• Alternative:邪王的绝世毒妃(中文), Tuyệt Thế Độc Phi Của Tà Vương(Tiếng việt), Xie wang de jueshi du fei , 사악한 왕의 독한 왕비 ; Concubine, The Special Agent
  • Author:Kaiyuan Dongman
  • Views:46.979 view
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Romance , Tragedy , Webtoon
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Evil Match

Concubine, The Special Agent Comics Online. The Ace special agent time-traveled back to ancient China and was forced to marry a bad king! It’s heard that the prince’s destiny goes against all his concubines but there are still many girls trying to win his heart?!
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Evil Match Chapter 82
Evil Match Chapter 83