• Alternative:Ascendance of a Bookworm: I'll do anything to become a librarian Part 2 - I'll become a Shrine Maiden for Books!」,Honzuki no Gekokujou ~Shisho ni Naru Tame ni wa Shudan wo Erandeiraremasen~ Dai 2-bu 「Hon no Tamenara Miko ni Naru!」,Ascendance of a Bookworm: Part 2,Honzuki no Gekokujou: Part 2,本好きの下剋上 ~司書になるためには手段を選んでいられません~ 第二部 「本のためなら巫女になる!」
  • Author:Suzuka - Miya Kazuki
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  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genres: Drama , Fantasy , Shounen , Slice of lif
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Ascendance Of A Bookworm ~I'll Do Anything To Become A Librarian~ Part 2 「I'll Become A Shrine Maiden For Books!」

***Contains spoilers for the ending of Part 1***<br>After the discussions with the temple master and head priest ended, Myne won the right to be treated as a noble with the role of a blue-robed shrine maiden apprentice.<br>Work in the temple began and Myne could read books in the long-awaited temple library.<br>However, there were many problems in the temple, such as adapting to the class system and dealing with the problem children assigned to her as attendants.<br>Overcome adversity to be able to read books in peace!<br>A biblio-fantasy written for book lovers and bookworms! The second part begins!